About The Student Art Fund

Our History

Retired art teachers, artists and interested benefactors formed the Student Art Fund in 2006 as a committee of the nonprofit Santa Barbara Art Association, founded in 1952. Our efforts were a response to the perpetual irregular and vulnerable funding of art classes in the public junior high schools and high schools of Carpinteria, Goleta, and Santa Barbara, California.

“Thank you again for your hard work and generous efforts to keep our art programs healthy and our supply shelves stocked in a time when art budgets have all but disappeared. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.”
–  Art Teacher, Dos Pueblos High School

Our Mission

Since that time, Student Art Fund goals have expanded, to “provide support, opportunity and encouragement to young artists.”

“Thank you for your generous donation to the students of S.B.H.S. art classes. It was timely and tangible. The paints and brushes will be used after Spring Break by the 180 students in my classes. For Joy! I appreciate the work you do to make this possible.”
—Art Teacher, Santa Barbara High School

The Student Art Fund Committee

The Student Art Fund is composed entirely of volunteers whose experience is in area schools, art classes, art media, curricula, art supplies, motivation and with young artists. Because of the sponsorship of the nonprofit Santa Barbara Art Association, the SAF needs no office or salaries and incurs few expenses. Consequently, donations can go directly to work for young people. We strive to know every art teacher in the local area on an informal basis and to stay informed of area schools, art curricula, and the current needs of young people.

“Very impressive what a small group of determined people can accomplish! Many thanks to all of you!”
—Art Teacher, San Marcos High School

>Meet the Members of the Student Art Fund Committee

Santa Barbara Art Association

The Student Art Fund is a committee of the Santa Barbara Art Association. The Art Association was formed in 1952 at a meeting in the home of Douglass Parshall. Joining him as first directors of the organization were Joseph E. Knowles, Standish Backus, Jr., Jeffrey C. Harris, and Clarence K. Hinkle with Wright Ludington serving as the first president. Their activities were then, as now, to provide the people of this area a unique opportunity to view a number of juried, free art shows and to foster and support art education in our community.

The Santa Barbara Art Association, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization numbering more than 500 members today, fulfills its mission by presenting art shows, sponsoring educational workshops for the membership, sponsoring field trips to art galleries and museums, and fostering community philanthropic activities.  Among the philanthropic activities are the Ludington-Parshall scholarships for art students attending Santa Barbara City College, Westmont University, and University of California, Santa Barbara, and the Student Art Fund, addressing needs of art students in area junior highs and high schools.

The Student Art Fund Provides…

  • art supplies

    The Student Art Fund provides supplementary art supplies in public junior high and high school art classrooms, enrolling more than 3,000 students in South Santa Barbara County. Some activities and student opportunities would not exist without this help.

    “You made it possible for my students to paint on canvas for the first time. You have made such a difference.”
    —Diana Hemsley, art teacher

  • transportation

    The Student Art Fund provides transportation to student art events, such as a field trip to Los Angeles where students could have their portfolios evaluated by college representatives, a photography field trip to Hearst Castle, and more.

    “Our visit to Otis was fun and inspiring. It definitely changed the way I look at art. We are so grateful to you for making this possible.”
    — Dos Pueblos High School Student

  • student art shows

    The Student Art Fund sponsors exhibitions of student art including the Grandparent Portrait Show every other year, as well as online shows featuring jewelry, ceramics, photography, and art by Middle and Junior High School students.

    “This is an extraordinary exhibit—brilliant and moving.”
    —Tom Pope, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, about the Grandparent Show

  • special projects grants

    The Student Art Fund provides support for individual art student and/or art teacher projects of merit. Projects have included the Empty Bowls ceramics project, construction of a Shakespearian puppet theater, a cross-cultural photography project, a Stop Motion Animation project, a mural project, and more.

    “Thank you so much for your generosity and vision in helping these young people develop their visual skills.” 
    —Art Teacher, Dos Pueblos High School