Art Supplies & Special Projects

Special Project Grants

Special Project Grants have been established to assist teachers, students and art classes with unique projects of merit, projects that would not be attempted without additional support. The grants are available to public secondary school art teachers in the Tri-Cities area of Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, and Goleta. All accepted projects must fit the mission statement of the Student Art Fund to “provide support, opportunity and encouragement to help young artists discover their potential.” Each grant ranges up to $2,000.

Students boarding a bus to the portfolio showThese special projects have included materials for exploring the art of different cultures, such as Japanese Shibori textiles or Tibetan wishing flags. Other projects have funded guest instructors or professional development for art teachers. For example,the Student Art Fund paid for substitute teachers to cover classes so teachers could attend the Debut 2012 Runway Show and Tour at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, helping develop a unit on fashion photography for high school classes. Projects may also include funding for field trips. For example the Student Art Fund furnished a bus for ceramics students enabling them to visit Santa Barbara public art by Alfaro Siqueros, Herbert Bayer Marge Dunlap, Bud Bottoms and others.
>Explore a complete listing of Special Project Grants awarded by the Student Art Fund.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted year round and may be submitted via email. Please download our Grant Application Guide and Sample Grant. Grants are reviewed at monthly meetings of the Student Art Fund Committee and applicants receive notification soon thereafter.


Supplemental Art Supply Grants

GirlPaintingEvery year, quite a range of supplies are needed by Ceramics, Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, Design, Photography, Jewelry, Video/T.V. Production, Art History, Digital Art, and various classes combining these media, as well as by individual art students. Helping art classes and art students by supplementing art supplies was our earliest goal and continues to be our top priority. We purchase requested supplies and give them directly to classrooms.

Each year we supplement art supplies in all public Junior High and High School art classes throughout the Tri-Cities area. Since 2007 the Student Art Fund has provided art materials to more than 600 classes of art.

Grants of Donated Art Supplies

Thanks to our volunteers, working relationships with art teachers and local artists, and knowledge of the particular needs of art classes, we also receive and distribute donated supplies. We have delivered donations of airbrushes, paint and related supplies, paper and related supplies, frames and mat board, easels, sketchbooks, art books, mat cutters, and miscellaneous tools.

teachers-choosing-suppliesDo you have something a young art student might put to good use? If so, please contact us about a donation.

Thank You to Those Who Have Donated Art Supplies

Andrea Finn Adams and students of Gnomon School of Visual  Effects • Tony Askew  •  Ann Ayres  •  Mindy Bailey  •  Joyce Berger  •  Barbara Frame Brown (from the estate of Robert Frame)  •  Anne Chesnut  •  Barbara Clark  •  Spencer Conway  •  John and Peggy Cooley (from the estate of Hilda Cooley)  •  First Congregational Church UCC, Santa Barbara  •  Rica Coulter  •  Janice Daily  •  Maggie Day  •  Nora Duncan  •  Vickie Edwards  •  Jane Fleishman  •  Morgan Green  •  Sally Hamilton  •  Bay Hallowell  •  David Hancock  •  Lisi Auf Der Heide  •  Ken Hershberg  •   Nan Holt  •  Jerry Hatchett and Susan Burns (from the estate of Howard Fenton)  •  Zoe Iverson  •  Judy Jenkins  •  Monica Jones  •  Alice Karle  •  Dianne Karls  •  Louise Komp  •  Lauren Larsen  •  Roscoe Law  •  Christine Loizeaux  •  Brennan Linnecke •  Audie Love  •  Thomas Mann  •  Eleanore Moyer  •  Bill McNaul  •  Linda Nelson  •  Pat Robertson (from the estate of Lucy Birzis)  •  Bob Rowley  •  Ann Sanders  •  Julie Siege  •  George Solinas  •  Robert Stites  •  Sandra Tollefson  •  Malcolm Tuffnell  •  Ted Villa  •  Linn Warren (from the estate of Lucilla Warren)  •  Ron Williams  •  Jerry Winant •  Mary Worsley (from the estate of Peter Worsley)

All of our grants are made possible by the generosity of our donors.