Most of us support a variety of charities and causes.
Will you make the Student Art Fund one of yours? Here’s how you can help…

Donate Online

You can donate to the Student Art Fund easily online. Using your credit card to give once or on a recurring basis is easy because we use JustGive, the leading secure website for more than a thousand charities nationwide. More than 3,000 young artists each year thank you for your support, your encouragement and the opportunities you help provide!
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“The Club’s small investment has paid a large dividend in encouraging photographic art in Santa Barbara area schools. The Student Art Fund members are to be congratulated for their hard work and amazing service to the community.”
—Ronald Williams,
Channel City Camera Club

“I’m proud to be a part of the sponsorship of this very poignant , wonderful expression of art and love.”
—Jan Campbell, Santa Barbara Foundation

For a complete list of donors to the Student Art Fund in 2014, click here.

Make a Gift to Our Endowment Fund

To provide for the future, the Student Art Fund has opened an endowment fund with the Santa Barbara Foundation. This permanent fund gives the organization yearly income and is professionally managed as part of the foundation’s investment program. An endowment fund delivers essential stability, will grow over time, and will facilitate strategic planning.

The Santa Barbara Foundation provides professional gift planning assistance for the Student Art Fund and its donors, facilitating gifts of all types including cash,  gifts of non-cash assets such as stock and real estate, charitable bequests, gifts of retirement plan assets, gifts of life insurance, and charitable trusts.

For more information on how you can help young artists and leave a legacy,
SBFoundationLogodownload our Endowment Brochure
or contact the Santa Barbara Foundation.

Donate Art Supplies

Every year, quite a range of supplies are needed by Ceramics, Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, Design, Photography, Jewelry, Video/T.V. Production, Art History, Digital Art, and various classes combining these media, as well as by individual art students. Helping art classes and art students by supplementing art supplies was our earliest goal and continues to be our top priority. We purchase requested supplies and give them directly to classrooms.

Thanks to our volunteers, working relationships with art teachers and local artists, and knowledge of the particular needs of art classes, we also receive and distribute donated supplies. We have delivered donations of airbrushes, paint and related supplies, paper and related supplies, frames and mat board, easels, sketchbooks, art books, mat cutters, and miscellaneous tools.

palette_smallDo you have something a young art student might put to good use?
Please contact us about a donation.